1979 -David began training in Ninjutsu, Bujinkan Budo with Shihan Doron Navon.


    1985 - David travels to Japan and trains with Hatsumi Soke and several Japanese Shihans.


    1986 -David received his Shodan (black belt, first dan) in Japan.


    1987 - David returned to Israel and continued to train with Shihans Doron Navon and Moti Nativ.


    1993 - During the Tai Kai, David passed his Godan (Fifth Dan) test under Soke Hatsumi.


    1994 - David moves to the US, and teaches classes and seminars in LA, NYC, Philadelphia and Boston.


    2005 - David received his 10th Dan degree from Hatsumi Soke during a visit to Japan.


    2009 - David moves to Los Angeles and continues to teach the art, mostly to advanced students.


    2014 - David receives his 14th Dan from Hatsumi Soke.

    2017 - David Returns to Israel and starts a new cycle.

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