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Training in Noda, 1985

Ancient Japanese martial art with benefits above and beyond self defense


This website provides basic information about Ninjutsu, Bujinkan, our group and myself. 


In 1979 I began training with Doron Navon.  I trained with him for the next 12 years excluding a yearlong trip to Japan where I trained with the Grandmaster of Bujinkan Budo,  Maasaki  Hatsumi and many of the Japanese Shihans. Since, I trained and held regular classes and occasional seminars in Israel and the US.


A lot has changed since Ninjutsus grow to encompass what it is today - a worldwide organization with thousands of practitioners in dozens of countries. The internet too has changed a lot of how this martial art is thought or perceived by the general public. Once a secretive art, available only to select few, many of the techniques are now available on YouTube.


Yet even with readily available materials online, the challenge of learning hasn't changed and can be strenuous, both physically and mentally. But the patient, persistent and curious student will find the journey through this complex, multilayered martial art truly fascinating.


In Hatsumi Soke's words: 


"There are so many misconceptions about the ninja. They are portrayed as black clad magicians with supernatural powers who can appear and disappear at will; who can swim like fish or fly like a bird; who can walk on water or predict the future. There are, of course, those ninjas who can execute their craft so well that they give an appearance of being able to perform these super human feats; but appearances, as you must know, can be deceiving. Nimpo is a science, not black magic."


Train safely,


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